The Voice Unheard

If a goose could write a sonnet
She’d have so much to say
If let speak her thoughts she’d be on it
For her message could not delay

I think she’d tell of the plastic monsters
How their necks they would viciously bind
And she’d ask how we so greedily prosper
Without one another in mind

What she’d really speak I cannot say
But I start to think when I see them fly
I see a story that can’t wait one more day
For here’s the message they leave in the sky

Seeing a goose fly alone is such a rare sight to see
Because a goose can fly much further if they think in terms of we



Eli Montgomery is a Junior in High School who loves Canada geese.  He wakes up to the pleasant morning sounds of them flying by his house.  At first, the sounds were slightly annoying but after a short time, it began to be nostalgic.  He decided to write a Shakespearean style sonnet about them and to be their voice.  This poetry has a powerful message that people need to hear right now.