"Personally, I would not give a fig for any man's religion whose horse, cat and dog do not feel its benefits.  Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility."

  ~S. Parkes Cadman

Bandy: The True Story of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose is a story that will touch you.


By Luke A. Dommer


There is a noble sportsman
Who seems to get his thrill
Trampling through the thicket
Finding animals to kill.

Though beautiful and innocent
For them he does not mourn
He is the judge and jury
Their crime was being born.

And in the church on Sunday
You'll 'find him on his knees
Praying for some victims
Defenseless if you please.

Upon his head he wears a cap
Bright red for his protection
His courage that some other nut
Won't shoot in his direction.

Hung on his walls are creatures
Of every perfect kind
A type of conservationist
Unbalanced in the mind.

He claims a love for nature
The indoor lie he scorns
But he curses it unkindly
If he's wounded by some thorns.

An expert with a rifle
For this he takes a bow
He may miss a tiny sparrow
But not a full-grown cow.

And what if irresponsibly
He kills a pet or man -
The question is conditional
On shooting what he can.

Besides, he has a license
To practice in his sport
He can make this killing legal
With an accident report.

A hero of the forest
He boasts for all to hear
For he's the mighty hunter
Not an ordinary queer."

Luke Dommer was the Founder of C.A.S.H., The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting.