"Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful."

Rita Dove


By Sydney Landon Plum

"A true story of a woman's love for an injured goose." Love Canada Geese

Landing on Ice
by Belle Schmidt

The Canada goose circled,

lowered his landing gear

and made a final descent

into the wind, coming in low,

he touched down

on the ice-covered lake.

He applied full brakes and

skidded like on skis

wings a’ flapping,

there was no stopping.

Slipping and sliding,

he honked an apology

to the audience on shore   

as he did fishtails

into the cattails.

He continued,

honking his displeasure

as his right foot

slid sideways

from under him.

And, when he attempted a

forward step, his left foot

veered off at an awkward angle.

Wouldn’t it be nice if he had

some Mammoth Crocs and

a pair of wooly socks? 


Belle Schmidt is also the author of:

  1. To Canada geese
  2. Land of Living Skies