One merit of poetry few persons will deny: it says more and in fewer words than prose.


By Sydney Landon Plum

"A true story of a woman's love for an injured goose." Love Canada Geese

by Jocylne Thompson

The time ticks by
Like geese that come and go.
They time the days and
Seasons of our lives.
Gliding on the breeze
With outstretched wings,
They honk and talk
And change their form with ease,
Like geese it is how we were meant to be.
To one who’s lost so much,
Their cry turns deep:
The tilling of one’s heart,
So near and dear.
Each groan and ache
Of loss throughout the years.
But I am glad to see them
As they pass.
Above my head,
I love to watch them go;
But bid them, "See you soon,"
And greet them eagerly.
Frost does not gather on their wings.
They shall return in spring.